Responsibilities of Security Guards

Serving and safeguarding individuals, security guards are the direct target for preventing theft. Working on several job responsibilities, for example, patrolling and inspecting a property, they'll likewise be safeguarding against fire, terrorism, break-ins and actions that are unlawful. Security guards are frequently the very first on the scene to deal with criminal situations to defend their employer's property and guarantee that laws are applied on your home and property. Appropriate security training is the beginning point towards being a future guard.

A Typical Day

Making use of phone and radio communications, security officers spend their shifts on standby to make a help call in the event of an emergency medical problem or a fire. Any incident that occurs on each work shift is recorded in a log book or printed in a document that highlights their observations and also the circumstances that transpired in their own shift. In certain situations, security guards may have to interview witnesses as well as testify in a court.

Though the profession can simply be described in basic terms, the size and precise location of an organization can decide what duties a security officer may be anticipated to do on a regular basis. This range of tasks is typically addressed during the training. Many theaters and shopping centers lately have chosen to use a protection team to monitor the parking lots and safeguard customers against theft. When it comes to a department store, a security officer may assist in protecting the cash register deposit and apprehending shoplifters.

On the other hand would be the security officers who are entrusted with property protection. These individuals could possibly be needed to monitor CCTV cameras or stroll around the house at night. Security guards cambridge at these places should know every one of the regular guests and detain prohibited violators who don't belong in the area. Just like this task, security guards within a court setting or a medical center are many times anticipated to check out inbound people and stop offenders from entering. Using technical apparatus and metal detectors, each one of these guards can search site visitors for guns and explosives.


Security guards chelmsford normally work eight to thirteen-hour shifts, 4 to 5 days weekly. In those times, the majority of the security officers will spend a significant amount of time on their feet as they watch over the particular area. Though lots of their job is routine, guards need to always be ready to deal with any actual risk that may arise. Guards may additionally spend their days stationed in a central station, while viewing video recordings and establishing the identity of men and women going into the building.

When hiring security guards for your home or business, always ensure you work with a reputable company. Ask around from friends or colleagues if they might know one they have worked with before.